Build the Compact, Connected, Consistent Swing You've Always Wanted with the New LC-1 Linear Compression Trainer

The all-new LC-1 revamps your swing by connecting your arms to each other and to your chest, while smoothly integrating your lower body for perfect sequence, timing, and impact. You will quickly improve your distance & accuracy… and mold an efficient, repeatable swing that works round after round.

The way we see it, there are two kinds of golfers:

Those who find “the slot.”
And those who don’t.

Which kind are you? Take this quick test:

  • If most of your drives carry long and hit the fairway…
  • ​​You rarely catch a shot fat or thin, and…
  • ​Consistency might as well be your middle name…
Congratulations. You’re a slot-finder. (And honestly, you have no business being here. Go hit the course with that magnificent swing of yours.)

If, on the other hand:

  • Your tee shots are often short and off-target…
  • ​​You can’t seem to shake your slice, let alone those chunked and bladed irons, and…
  • ​You discover new ways to miss-hit the ball each and every round…
Then you probably know which side of the slot you fall on.
And it’s not the good one.

Before we go any farther, you might be wondering…

The way we see it, there are two kinds of golfers:

SmaThose who find “the slot.”
And those who don’t.

Which kind are you? Take this quick test:ll Call to Action Headline

  • If most of your drives carry long and hit the fairway…
  • ​​You rarely catch a shot fat or thin, and…
  • ​Consistency might as well be your middle name…
Congratulations. You’re a slot-finder. (And honestly, you have no business being here. Go hit the course with that magnificent swing of yours.)

If, on the other hand:

  • Your tee shots are often short and off-target…
  • ​​You can’t seem to shake your slice, let alone those chunked and bladed irons, and…
  • ​You discover new ways to miss-hit the ball each and every round…
Then you probably know which side of the slot you fall on.
And it’s not the good one.

Before we go any farther, you might be wondering…

What is “the slot”? And why does it matter?

Simply put, the slot is a point in the downswing where the club’s shaft and the right forearm align on the same shallow plane (or very close to it). Like this:
Left: Former PGA Tour pro Rob Rashell’s club is in the slot. Right: Cye Newman, a 13-handicapper, is also in the slot – after just a few minutes practicing with the device you see across his arms.
The golfer on the left is a former PGA Tour player with with a fundamentally sound swing.
(It’s worth noting that all pros drop the club into the slot, even those with swings as disparate as Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.)

The fellow on the right is none other than Cye Newman, a 13 handicapper from Choctaw, Oklahoma. His swing is hardly Hoganesque, but as you can see he’s smack-dab in the slot.

Would you believe that 3 minutes before this photo was snapped, Cye couldn’t find the slot if his life depended on it?

Or that exactly one week later, he achieved a genuine bucket-list feat… at age 71?
And that he owes his new status as slot-finder to that orange device you see connecting his arms?

It’s all true, and we’ll share the juicy details shortly. Trust us – it’s relevant to your own goals.

As for your second question: Why does the slot matter?

Because finding it is…

The key to accuracy, power and the swing-to-swing consistency you covet.

Did your eyes just get a little wider? Has consistency proved as elusive as Captain Ahab’s white whale?
Join the club, pal. Every golfer chases a reliable, repeatable swing. Few manage to capture one.

It really shouldn’t be that hard, though. All you’ve got to do is learn to find the slot.

We’ll fill out the whole sequence shortly, but the decisive split-second unfolds like this:

From the top of the swing (1), the right elbow drives downward (2), toward the right hip (3), staying close to the body and the left elbow. It’s this action that pulls the club onto a shallow or horizontal plane and delivers a square, powerful blow (4):
As with everything in the golf swing, there are steps to making it happen. Multiple parts must work together – particularly the arms and shoulders – to bring about the magic moment.

So why isn’t it happening for you? Well…

Chances are, your swing looks something like this:

  • Your arms outrun your chest on the backswing, “disconnecting” the right arm from your body (aka, “flying right elbow”); then…
  • You start down by throwing your right shoulder and elbow outward…
  • ​Casting the club off plane and “over the top”…
  • ​Creating a steep, outside-to-in clubhead path.
This is the death move that causes slices, pulls and fat shots. As well as thin shots, pushes and hooks. Worst of all? It puts the kibosh on consistent ball-striking. So…

Now that you’ve seen what you’re doing wrong, don’t you want to do it right?

Of course you do. But you’re skeptical about your prospects – understandably so. After all, you’ve been doing it one way – the wrong way – for all these years. And everyone knows a swing change can take ages to burn into your muscle memory.
Yes, it can. But it doesn’t have to.

This makes it a piece of cake:

The LC-1 Linear Compression Training Aid

Here it is – the tool that’s going to bully your slice into submission, stretch your drives past your befuddled buddies’ and send your scores plummeting.
It’s going to do all this and more by training you – indeed, all but forcing you – to follow the sequence that culminates with the club dropping into the slot.

It’s going to revamp your swing by connecting your arms to each other and to your chest while smoothly integrating your lower body.

And it’s going to do these things a lot quicker than you’d expect.

Cye Newman is just one golfer who’s experienced the effects firsthand. There’s also Cathie Kincaid, a 25 handicapper who tested the LC-1 trainer and saw a difference in five minutes. Brian Thomas, a 6 handicap, and Don Nolan, a 24, enjoyed similar results.

This video shows the striking contrast in Brian’s swing before he tried the LC-1, and his swing while wearing it. (Note: The video has no sound and pauses for several seconds at the top of Brian’s swing, then again at the finish, before continuing with a down-the-line view.):
The “before” side shows Brian Thomas’ massive “flying right elbow,” which the LC-1 effectively tamed. The LC-1 also synchronized his arms, shoulders and hips, and shallowed his swing path into the ball.
Coming up, we’ll share their reviews and explain how the LC-1 works its wonders. But first, let’s look at a few ways this easy-to-use aid will transform your game.
Ready to make a change?
Get your brand new LC-1 now!

With a little practice, the LC-1 will:

  • Eliminate the over-the-top move that causes pulls and slices, plus fat and thin shots
  • ​Ingrain an inside-to-out swing path, boosting your power and accuracy
  • Synchronize your arms, shoulders, torso and lower body so your swing is connected, fluid and repeatable
  • ​Instill “lag” into your downswing for even more punch at impact
  • Cure embarrassing, hard-to-fix flaws like “flying right elbow,” “flipping” and the dreaded “chicken wing”
Go ahead: Picture your swing as a compact, consistent, low-maintenance machine, drilling down-the-middle drives and flag-rattling approaches like there’s nothing to it.
Or, if you find that a little far-fetched…

Imagine a future where your shots are reliably solid, you make a lot more good swings than bad ones, and slices are as rare as summer snow.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Darn right it does.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how the LC-1 trains you to stay connected & find the slot:

  • Address: The LC-1 puts your arms at proper width while lowering the right shoulder, which tilts the spine slightly to the right for an easier, fuller turn (and less stress on your back).
  • Takeaway and backswing:  By limiting how far you can move your arms without rotating the shoulders, the LC-1 assures a full turn with the arms in front of the body. It also forces you to fold the right elbow back, rather than bowing it out, getting your swing on plane. This is the “connected” swing that makes the pros so consistent.
  • ​At the top: Completing the backswing requires turning arms and shoulders in unison, which leads to the hips rotating properly as well. The right elbow remains close to the body and poised to ignite your downswing.
  • ​Downswing: At this critical juncture, the LC-1 simply won’t let your right shoulder and elbow fly out and away from the body – the most common cause of an over-the-top swing. Squeezing the device with your right arm guides the club onto an inside path, while also training you to shift weight from your right side to your left.
  • ​Slot: The sequence above creates a tight angle between the left arm and shaft – the coveted power position called “lag” – while the club continues its inside arc toward the ball. As pictured, the club is in the slot.
  • Impact: Everything comes together at the moment of truth. Weight has shifted to your left side, with the hands in front of the clubhead, the right elbow tucked, the clubface square and the ball rocketing off on a piercing trajectory.
  • ​Extension: Wearing the LC-1 teaches you to keep rotating your body through the shot, rather than letting the arms take over.
  • Follow-through: The arms stay in front of the chest right to the finish, ensuring a complete transfer of weight to your left for maximum power.
Now, you may notice something in the above photos and descriptions: The LC-1 doesn’t just improve a specific facet or phase of your swing.

It improves your whole swing.

That, as they say, is the beauty part.
By using the LC-1 – whether you’re making practice swings in the living room or hitting full shots on the range – you’ll ingrain proper moves and positions from address through finish. Your big muscles will take charge, overriding the meddlesome hands that create so much inconsistency.

You’ll rid yourself of bad habits, too.

That means goodbye, flying right elbow.

So long, casting from the top.

See ya, reverse pivot.

Adios, outside-in swing path.

As for you, handsy flip at the bottom: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Our test golfers brought these issues and more to Karsten Creek Golf Club for their day with the LC-1.

Cathie Kincaid arrived with a chicken wing – where the left elbow bows out after impact – and a habit of hitting the ball fat.
Don Nolan’s bugaboo was a slice caused by an ultra-upright swing plane.

Brian Thomas had a doozy of a flying right elbow – and maddening inconsistency along with it.

For Cye Newman, a steep downswing bred fat shots and pulls.

All of them needed help. None knew what to expect.

By day’s end, their swings had changed dramatically… for the better.

Each golfer followed the same routine, hitting several shots with an 8-iron before putting on the LC-1. Next they hit shots while wearing the device, then finished by taking off the LC-1 and hitting another series of shots, with the idea of replicating the feeling and positions of their LC-1 swings.

All told, the sessions lasted about 15 to 20 minutes per golfer. But what a difference those minutes made.

Here’s a brief review of each golfer’s experience:

Brian Thomas, 6 handicap: Narrow the gap, boost consistency

The best golfer of the bunch, Brian knew he had room for improvement – literally, due to the large gap between his elbows at the top of his swing.
This happens, Brian confessed, when he tries to overpower the ball. Well, the LC-1 trainer was having none of it. When Brian gained a feel for keeping the right elbow tucked against his body, his swing became more compact and efficient, producing equal distance – and greater consistency – at about 75% of his usual effort.

The verdict: “I’m sold on (the LC-1),” he said. “It’s a great product.”

Don Nolan, 24 handicap: 20-yard gain with the 8-iron

Left: Don Nolan’s ultra-steep downswing before the LC-1. Right: Don’s inside path to square impact while wearing the LC-1.
Before working with the LC-1, Don’s 8-iron maxed out at about 100 yards. Then he hit eight balls while wearing the device. When he took it off and repeated the proper motions, that same 8-iron carried approximately 120 yards (maybe more).
Don’s response:

“I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like a miracle.”

OK, so maybe Don got caught up in the moment.
Then again, Cathie might agree with that whole “miracle” thing.

Cathie Kincaid, 25 handicap: From flawed to fab

Her swing was all over the place before she tried the LC-1. Her No. 1 fault? Let’s call it pride.

“I want it to go just as far as a guy hits a ball,” she admitted. “I want to beat the guy.”

As Brian could tell her, swinging out of your shoes is not the answer. Cathie’s overzealousness caused her fundamentals to collapse – but the LC-1 helped put them back in place.

After using it for just a few shots, Cathie’s swing started to tighten up. Then she nailed one dead at the flag which, were she on the course instead of the range, may well have been an ace.

“I guarantee you,” she added, “without the LC-1 that would have never happened.”

Which brings us to…

Cye Newman, 13 handicap: Progress at last

Retired since 1997, Cye lamented that his swing had lost a lot of its “oomph” in recent years. Nothing he did seemed to slow the regression.  

Until he tried the LC-1.

In less than 15 minutes using the aid, Cye’s fat shots and weak, fluttering ball flight were replaced by a glorious, piercing draw.

The key was converting his too-vertical downswing to a shallower plane – exactly what the LC-1 is designed to do.

Naturally, Cye was pumped.

“This is gonna help me learn the proper swing,” he said, “and I'm gonna really enjoy it.”

Man, was he right about that.

A week later, Cye joined some buddies for a round at FireLake Golf Course in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

An early birdie reinforced the positive thoughts he’d been building. “I was playing along trying to swing as if I had the LC-1 on,” he said, “and I could definitely feel I was hitting the ball better, straighter and farther.”

Good vibes, however, often crash and burn on FireLake’s eighth hole – a devilish par 3 across Squirrel Creek. There’s usually a crosswind from the left, and the green is angled to accept a soft draw.

Cye pulled an 8-iron and settled over the 131-yard shot.

“Smooth swing,” he reminded himself a split-second before taking the club back. “Elbows together.”

He knew instantly that he’d struck it well; his gaze sharpened as the ball traced a gentle, right-to-left crescent toward the flag.

One bounce and six feet later, Cye Newman was the proud owner of…

His very first hole-in-one.

The pure joy of the moment – which landed his picture in the local paper – made Cye’s $60 bar tab “worth every penny.”
Afterward, Cye kept his expectations in check. “I have a ways to go before I can be consistent,” he allowed. Still, he couldn’t hide his renewed enthusiasm.

“I finally have something that works – and I feel the LC-1 made all the difference.”

Cye’s fellow test golfers were equally optimistic. Let’s hear more from the group.

“Great for an experienced golfer or beginner.”

“After my practice swings and getting used to (the LC-1), almost every shot was going straight at the target. The trajectory is a lot lower and the ball's going farther. It was really neat.
“I've been playing golf since seventh grade and wish we would have had (the LC-1) a long time ago. This is great for an experienced golfer or a person just starting out. If they start off with this, they learn the proper swing and they're not bringing bad habits.” – Brian Thomas

“You let the trainer do the work for you.”

“When I first put it on, I realized that it was going to take charge of my swing. I mean, I wasn't going to be able to fight this. You had to make the right swing, and it was going to force you into it, and within five minutes I could feel the length coming.

“With the LC-1 Trainer, there is a natural draw when you hit the ball. I've fought to try to do it all of the time I've ever played golf, and it just never seems to come… After using it for 15 minutes, after taking it off, your arms still feel that they're in the same position.” – Don Nolan

“You’ll love your outcome.”

“I really had doubts about it. But then when I put the LC-1 on, I didn't even have to think about what I was doing. It was amazing how it kept you together. After we were practicing with the LC-1 five minutes at the most, I took it off and swung on my own to see if there really was a difference. Amazingly (there was) much, much difference. The ball went straight, it had some height to it, and it went like an 8-iron should go.

“It's an awesome product. I recommend it to anyone that's having a hard time with their swing. It'll keep you together and you'll love your outcome.” – Cathie Kincaid

“I guarantee it’s gonna make your swing better.”

“I've never used any training aids. My game has suffered so much lately that I wanted to do something to improve my game, and I think this LC-1's gonna do that. You don't have to think about all those different (swing mechanics), because this helps hold it all together.

“I've got some friends I play with, and I think they're gonna be impressed when I get back there and start hitting the ball the way I should be. I guarantee it's gonna make your swing better. It has mine.” – Cye Newman

Suffice it to say, our test golfers are big fans of the LC-1 trainer.

They could feel and see the difference it made in a matter of minutes. And they could easily imagine their games improving by leaps and bounds with continued practice.

How about you?

Are you ready to make fast, marked and permanent improvement?

Ready to:

… Tighten up your swing until it hums with effortless efficiency…
… Ingrain the slot-finding downswing move that practically eliminates slicing, fat shots and myriad other miss-hits…

… And enjoy a quick, long-lasting injection of distance, accuracy and consistency?

We know you do. We also want you to get started ASAP, so we’ll make it easy:
Didn’t click? No biggie. That gives us a chance to review what we’ve told you about the LC-1 so far… and add a couple more cool details.

Taking it from the top, the LC-1:

  • Trains you to easily and automatically drop the club into the slot
  • ​Grooves an inside-out swing path – like the pros and better amateurs
  • ​Keeps the arms connected to the shoulders and chest, synchronizing your turn for maximum power
  • ​Promotes perfect sequencing of the hips, arms and shoulders from takeaway to finish
  • ​Instills downswing lag for greater distance
  • ​Guides the club into a square impact position for consistent accuracy
  • ​Improves your posture beginning with the setup – helping your game and your health
  • ​Engages your big muscles while minimizing the role of the “twitchy” hands and wrists, making your swing stronger under pressure and less prone to out-of-nowhere mistakes
Left: Squeezing the LC-1 pulls the right elbow below the left arm, a powerful position made famous by Ben Hogan. 
Right: The LC-1 guides you into a perfectly sequenced impact position.

Along the way, the LC-1 also:

  • Cures major swing flaws like flying right elbow, chicken wing, reverse pivot, casting from the top, and flipping at the bottom
  • ​Fights off common miss-hits including the slice, fat and thin shots, pulls, pushes and generally poor contact
  • ​Improves your ball-striking, trajectory, spin and shot shape

Three more tidbits we should note. The LC-1:

  • Can be adjusted to fit virtually any golfer
  • ​Works for both right- and left-handed players, and…
  • ​Comes with a free online video featuring helpful tips for using your new swing trainer, plus lessons from well-known pros
It’s a heckuva package – for a ridiculously low price we’re about to show you.
First, we want to fill in the final piece of the puzzle. The piece that protects you if, for whatever reason, you and the LC-1 simply don’t get along. Hey, it happens. That’s why the LC-1 is…

Guaranteed to deliver results – or your money back.

We’re so confident the LC-1 will improve your driving distance, tee-to-green accuracy & ball-striking consistency that we support it with a 60-day, money-back guarantee.
We can only think of one reason you wouldn’t get better by using this unique training aid:

Your swing is already perfect.

Barring that, we expect you to see amazing results. If you don’t, just return the LC-1 within 60 days of receipt and we’ll refund the purchase price (minus any shipping charges).

Which reminds us: We promised you a price. A ridiculously low one, at that.

The price – via this limited-time introductory offer – is only $79.

Surprised? We figured you would be.

After all, you’re used to seeing $500 price tags on new drivers (that perform the same as last year’s models).

Or paying $250-plus for a putter (which probably won’t do a thing for your stroke, or your scores). Heck, 200 bucks will barely buy you a decent stand bag.

Let alone a whole new outlook. But invest a mere $79 in the LC-1 trainer and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Perhaps you’ve still got nagging questions. Namely…

Just how much can you improve? And how soon?

Practice a little with the LC-1 and you’ll see solid progress very quickly. Use it long-term and the sky’s the limit. Obviously, we’re not talking Hogan-Nicklaus-Woods territory here.
But if you’re committed to working regularly with the LC-1 – whether it’s practice swings in the rumpus room or full shots on the range, and you reach the point where you can consistently make the slider click in the impact zone…

Then a single-digit handicap is well within reach. Again, that will take some time and effort. Who knows, though – a hole-in-one could be in your near future.

Just ask Cye Newman. He couldn’t have predicted making an ace within a week of discovering the LC-1. But he was spot-on when he said, “This is gonna create a lot more fun in my game.”

It’s gonna do the same for you. Because once you find the slot…

You’ll find your groove.

So go ahead, order your LC-1 today. Remember, you can send it back if you’re not happy. But we’re pretty sure that’s not happening. Get started below now.

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LC-1 Linear Compression Trainer

“Feel the downswing slot of a PGA Tour pro”

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Order Today

LC-1 Linear Compression Trainer

“Feel the downswing slot of a PGA Tour pro”

Price: $79

+ shipping - add to cart to see cost by location

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